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Workers' Compensation

Daily, workers are exposed to the risk of an on the job injury. On the job injuries can occur in a variety of ways including , unsafe workplace conditions, intentional misconduct or simply by accident without fault. However, workers are often at fault for their own injuries. Regardless, when the accident, injury, or illness is a result of conditions outside of your control, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, an event or actual accident is not required to establish an on the job injury. Often, work related injuries arise out of repetitive motion or the simple worsening of one’s condition over time. A pre-existing condition does not prevent the possibility of a workers’ compensation claim. Not surprisingly, dealing with an on the job injury can be a trying and difficult experience. Whether you are the injured worker or the employer/insurer, the experts at Bobe & Snell are here to assist your needs.

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The Law Office of Bobe & Snell is dedicated to providing superior representation with skilled and experienced attorneys to either pursue your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act or defend your interests as an uninsured or insured employer. With over 25 years experience, Bobe & Snell are ready, willing, and able to provide you with the best representation possible. Should you retain Bobe & Snell, you will receive immediate and timely communication of your claim status and pending issues. We will value your time and show the upmost courtesy and respect. Should you retain Bobe & Snell, you will receive our 100% commitment to cooperation, competency and caring representation. With over 25 years experience both pursuing and defending workers’ compensation claims, Bobe & Snell is the industry leader and just a call away.


Glenn Bobe and Jeff Snell have over 25 years experience in handling Georgia Workers’ Compensation claims. Over those 25 years, Bobe & Snell have represented both insurance companies, uninsured employers, and injured workers.

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Our firm are experts in workers' compensation, motor vehicle accidents, and personal injury.


With over 25 combined years of experience, the attorneys at Bobe & Snell, LLC are experts at workers' compensation.